Hang glider line-up

Fizz... our high performance kingpost glider

The Fizz is our newest top high performance glider with kingpost for demanding cross country pilots. The “Fizz” is to set new standards in faster glide mode and in Xcountry flying.   more

Astir... always a nose length ahead

With the Astir we offer the only bowsprit type wing on the market. Unmatched ease in handling, a singular feeling in thermals are the marks of the Astir and make it special. more

Kite... simple, but strong performance!

The Kite brings back simplicity to hang gliding. The Kite is a simple high-performer which is easy to fly. A light weight wing for optimal fun in flying.  more

BiCo... one for two

Our tandem and training wing stands out in its modern sail design in connection with stiff leading edge tubes. Low twist together with light bar pressure make it ideal in UL-tow and at high speeds.   more

Pilots' Reports

What our customers think (mostly German, some reports are in English too) more

Wills Wing Representative

We are happy to represent Wills Wings in Germany which are one of the most famous constructors on the market. more

Spare Parts

Something broken?   more