Overwiew Ultralight-wings & Trikes


With the three bautek UL-wings different requirements on ultralight-wings are met, from light wing to forgiving training equipment. The bautek Light-Trikes are leading in the development of the 120 kg class. The modified, highly tuned bautek B&S-UL-engines are quiet, fuel efficient and dependable.


Pico... our two-seat UL-wing

After 20 years experience in hang glider design and production came 2001 our first UL-sail. Flight characteristics, performance and construction of the top class make the Pico a true bautek wing with all the trimmings. more

Pico S

Pico S UL-two-seat-wing

At the end of 2003 we added to the favorite Pico the Pico S (S for “schnell”, fast). This brother of the Pico is ideally suited for pilots, who are interested in a small and fast travel UL-wing. Pico S, when is has to go fast! more

Pico L

Pico L UL-solo-wing

The Pico L (L=light) is designed for the 2007 created UL-class 120kg (165 Lbs), (trike + wing + safety system), offering pilots an easy access to the fascination of stress-free, yet efficient motorized flying. more


Skycruiser Trike

This is the ultimate 4-cycle trike with V-engine, single place and the top wing Pico L for the new 120 kg class. Those who like a complete package, with an absolutely balanced combination of trike engine and wing, make the right choice by opting for the Skycruiser with the Pico L wing! more